• Not every woman can be beautiful.

    Not every woman can be pretty.

    But every woman can be gorgeous!

  • Gather in Time to be a woman.  Because the world still steal this from you.

  • The source of a woman’s power is her composure.

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Magic Potions

To Heal a Broken Heart:

1. Tears – cry …… for as long as it takes.
2. Share – your pain and sorrow. 
There is no courage in silent solitude or shame in needing friendship.
3. Accept – it will always hurt … a little. This is necessary to become whole.
4. Know – to every end there is a beginning. 
Find yours.

  • Begin with knowing Why.
    To step into the dark unknown and face danger, fear is needed as much as desire.

  • Remember this -
    risks must always be taken with the heart second, and the mind first.

  • Weigh the consequences of action and inaction.There will always be something to gain and something to lose in both choices.

  • Failure to act, just as courage, is a choice.

  • In choosing to do what is most feared, is when the greatest victories are won.

  • Trust your strength and resolve.
    Safety is not always found in hiding.

  • Once a decision is made -
    NEVER look back
    except to learn to do it better next time.

To Banish Regret:

1. Know this -
mistakes are made to serve as lessons.  Not prisons.
2. Accept your imperfection.
No one has ever lived a perfect life.
You will not be the first.

3. Fix what can be fixed -
the rest, leave to Fate to decide.